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How To Refill A Perfume Bottle?

Aug. 08, 2022

This is a brilliant skill if you know how to refill a perfume bottle. If you want, you can condense your favorite perfume bottles into a small bottles to make your travels easy. Even so, for those who enjoy crafting and upcycling, these empty perfume bottles can be helpful. At first, you may think that opening this perfume bottle completely will not be easy.


However, it is not complicated if you know the anatomy of the perfume bottle and what tools are needed to take it apart. Check out the easiest steps to open and refill your perfume bottle below.

Luxury Perfume Bottles

 Luxury Perfume Bottles

What you'll need

Before you jump right into the process of decanting and refilling your perfume bottles, you'll need to gather a few tools that will make the process much easier. Here's a quick look at what you'll need to ensure the process runs smoothly.


Master perfume bottle



Funnel or syringe

Empty bottle to transfer perfume into

Tissue or thin cloth


Now that you've gathered your supplies, it's time to get into the process of how to refill the perfume bottle.

Crystal Perfume Bottles

Crystal Perfume Bottles


Step 1: Remove the cap and sprayer from the perfume bottle

The first step in refilling a perfume bottle is to remove the cap. To do this, use pliers to remove the sprayer or nozzle from the bottle. Gently swing the beater back and forth until the bottom of the beater is completely visible.


PRO TIP: If you plan to reuse your bottle, wrap the cap sleeve with a paper towel or thin cloth to avoid any unwanted scratches or marks.


Step 2: Remove the base of the sprayer

Now that the cap and sprayer have been removed from the perfume bottle, it's time to start learning how to do the hardest part when refilling your perfume bottle, which is removing the base of the sprayer. To do this, you must first determine if your perfume bottle has a plastic or metal seal.

Crystal Perfume Bottle

Crystal Perfume Bottle


Step 3: Remove the fine glass and spray bar

No matter how careful you are, tiny pieces of glass are bound to break off the neck of the bottle - especially perfume bottles with metal bases. However, this is an easy fix as you simply use a paper towel to gently wipe the neck to avoid any glass from entering your perfume bottle.

Step 4: Use a funnel or syringe to transfer perfume

Now that the perfume is exposed, you can transfer the liquid to the bottle you want. Instead of pouring the contents into the new container, as it can easily spill, use a funnel or syringe to transfer the perfume to its new home so that you can avoid any mess or wasted product.

Crystal Glass Perfume Bottles

 Crystal Glass Perfume Bottles


Step 5: Seal the bottle

If you have been able to avoid any breakage so far, seal the bottle for future use. First, reapply the base to the neck of the bottle. If this does not work, you can skip this step and reapply the sprayer. The sprayer should sit on the neck like a lost puzzle piece. However, it is ideal if the sprayer is set on the tightening mechanism so you can screw the bottle back onto the neck for a tight seal.

How do you care for your perfume?

Many people don't know this, but your perfume may be deteriorating. A change in color or an unpleasant smell is a warning sign that something is wrong with your perfume. In order to prolong the shelf life of your perfume, proper storage is essential. Here are some tips on how to preserve your perfume.

Store in a cool place

Heat and humidity can change the scent and affect the ingredients in your perfume, such as essential oils. Do not keep your perfume in the bathroom as it can become very humid. Instead, keep it in a cool place such as a cabinet or refrigerator.

Crystal Perfume Bottle 3ml

 Crystal Perfume Bottle 3ml


Do not leave the lid on

Leaving the lid of a perfume open can have consequences. It exposes the fragrance to the air causing oxidation. This can also produce a disturbing odor.


Transfer and refill your perfume skin care products

Buying perfumes in sealed bottles is an advantage. If you have to transfer or refill your perfume, follow the instructions above with care and caution.


Prepare your tools beforehand to reduce the time it takes to refill the perfume bottle. It is wise to choose a clear glass bottle and finish quickly to avoid exposure to the air. There are many refillable perfume bottles, such as Boye crystal perfume bottles.


Don't shake your bottle

It is recommended not to shake the perfume bottle. Shaking your perfume bottles will destroy them faster, so handle them carefully.


Knowing how to refill a perfume bottle is a great skill that every perfume lover must have. You can travel easier without leaving your favorite perfume behind, or constantly reusing your favorite perfume bottle. Contact us for more information.


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