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Crystal Perfume Bottles Wholesale

MaterialCrystal Glass
3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml
Product CodeSJ043

Packaging and Shipping

1. Delivery time

K9 Crystal Perfume Bottle30 days45 days60 days
With Cardboard Box30 days45 days60 days
With Gift Box40 days55 days65 days

2. Packing Details & Shipping way

1)  All bottless will be packed in a box, and then packed in double layer cartons. The cartons will be packed on pallets.

2) The goods will be shipped by DHL, by sea or by air, accoding to your requests.

3. With knowing your address, we will check the shipping cost and lead time for you.

OEM&ODM Service

OEM perfume bottles are custom-made Crystal Glass Bottles that are specifically designed and produced according to the requirements of the client. As a supplier of wholesale perfume bottles, Boye can provide a wide range of customized options for customers who want to create their own unique brand of perfume. Crystal glass perfume bottles are one such option that offers a luxurious and sophisticated look to the packaging of the perfume.

OEM perfume bottles features:

1. Customizable design: OEM perfume bottles can be designed according to the specific branding requirements of the client, including the shape, size, color, and labeling of the bottle.

2. High-quality materials: We can offer a range of high-quality materials for the manufacturing of the perfume bottles, such as crystal glass, which offers a premium look and feel to the packaging.

3. Durability: The Wholesale Perfume Bottles are made to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the perfume remains fresh and retains its fragrance for a long time.

4. Versatility: OEM perfume bottles can be used for a wide range of perfume products, including men's cologne, women's perfume, and unisex fragrances.

OEM glass perfume bottles applications:

1. Creating custom-branded perfume products for clients who want to develop their own line of fragrances.

2. Selling wholesale perfume bottles to perfume manufacturers who require high-quality and customizable packaging for their products.

3. Providing premium packaging options for perfume products sold in high-end retail stores.

We accept OEM/ODM and small quantity orders. 

Available surface handling:

Logo Engraving, Gold Printing, Sandblasting and so on.

If there is anything we could help you, please feel free to contact us.  

Our Service

1,  Free sampling. (For the crystal perfume bottle, we will charge $100 for sampling, but we return the sample fee, after you place the order.)

2, Custom service & small orders are acceptable.

3, OEM/ODM available.

4, Manufacture MOQ 1000 for crystal perfume bottle.

5, Compensate for all breakage.

6, Trade assurance for on time delivery.

7, 24H/7D sales service.

8, Solution provider for your home fragrance business.