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How to Use Scented Candle Correctly?

Feb. 04, 2020

It is very comfortable to stay at home during the rest, pick a favorite Scented Candle, and let the light and the wonderful aroma surround you.

The aroma of candles can bring a pleasant spiritual feeling, but many people only focus on the "purchase" of scented candles, but ignore "how to use"!

Today Clear Diffuser Bottle Manufacturer will talk to you about the use of scented candles

Before lighting a candle

Before lighting the candle each time, you need to trim the candle wick, the length of about 0.5-0.8cm is the most suitable, and twist the candle wick with your fingers. This is to make the candle burn evenly, to avoid the long wick and the black smoke from opening The problem.

180ml Diffuser Bottle

180ml Diffuser Bottle

Burning candle

For the first time to scent a scented candle, time control is very important. Avoid burning too short. It is said that the candle has a "burning memory". If the surface is not even heated and completely melted for the first time, the burning of the candle will be limited to the wick.

Keep a sufficient burning time according to the volume of the candle to form a complete wax pool, and then it will not be easy to burn the edge when it is not used.

Extinguish the candle

Extinguish the candle, do not blow it out randomly, it is easy to produce black smoke and odor. You can choose a professional candle extinguishing tool or a candle cover. If the wick is skewed, you can straighten it in time.

And if the candle wick has burned too long, it is not recommended to trim it immediately after it is extinguished, because it is easy for the wick ash to fall into the wax pool, and it will be troublesome to clean it up.

Candle peripheral tools

If a workman wants to be good, he must first sharpen his weapon. It is necessary to prepare the tools around the candle.

Candle extinguishing cover: Use the candle extinguishing cover to directly cover the burning wick, isolate oxygen, extinguish the candle, and reduce smoke.

Candle extinguishing hook: Push the candle wick into the melting candle, then quickly lift the candle wick to extinguish the candle and reduce black smoke.

Candlewick scissors: The shape of the candle scissors is easy to reach into the candle container, and can accept the cut wicks without falling into the candle.

Canopy/candle: Some candles come with their own canopies, and there are also special scented candle candies/candles.

Incomplete combustion treatment

If the candle is still not burning completely, there are still some ways to remedy it.

1. Before lighting the candle, wrap the outer edge of the candle with tin foil to allow the heat to help the edge wax melt.

2. After the candle is extinguished, scrape the residual wax from the edge into the melted wax in the center.

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