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What are the advantages of using Scented Candle?

Jan. 19, 2020

Candles are more than just a daily necessity. More manifested elsewhere! For the "new version" of the candle industry, the entire development trend will be more living, which is the so-called ideal state of life. However, as of 2013, Scented Candle Manufacturer, which is engaged in large-scale and professional production on the market is very rare.

In fact, for the people in developed countries, in fact, the previous introduction also mentioned that European and American scented candles are already a daily item in white-collar life. Most of them are used to observe and appreciate, change the home atmosphere, aromatherapy, and create a fragrance. It is still a blank market in China. There are few competitors and the market potential is huge!

Diffuser Bottle

Diffuser Bottle

How to use it?

Take out the candle from the box, cut the wax wick to 0.6cm long before lighting it, and place it on a fire-proof container. The time of lighting each candle is controlled within 2-3 hours.

Use advantages

Scented Candle has various advantages, such as creating a romantic atmosphere. However, scented candles are not suitable for use on the dining table, because the scent of candles will mask the aroma of food; avoid using different scented candles in the same space at the same time, if mixed with other scents, it may produce strange scent combinations, so It is recommended to use one scent in the same space, and use another scent after ventilation.

Use occasion

Aromatherapy candles can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, psychotherapy rooms and other spaces. We carefully create a soothing, romantic and elegant fragrance space for you.

Housewarming gifts, business gifts, birthday gifts, sick condolences, anniversary.

Usage time

Regarding the use time of scented candles, under normal circumstances, the use time of fragrance is about 50 hours, but it will also be slightly affected by environmental factors. It is recommended that after every 2-3 hours of burning, stop burning candles and let indoor air circulate.


Burning candles should be placed in a fireproof container and out of the reach of children. The burning candle container will be hot, so it needs to be extinguished and cooled before moving. To avoid fire, please use it when someone is there. Please avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing, and keep out of reach of pets and children. If liquid accidentally enters or swallows, please wash or drink with plenty of water in time and seek medical treatment immediately. This product is not a toy and is intended for adults only.

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