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Do you Know 4 Cold Things about Scented Candle?

Feb. 10, 2020

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Aromatherapy is a small household thing that can enhance happiness, not only can please the sense of smell, but also the sight.

Especially in autumn and winter, this dry and cold season is still very suitable for lighting a scented candle at home, which is both warm and healing.

Imagine that on a romantic night, a gentle candlelight slowly diffuses a scent, especially after a hard day at work. When you return home at night, order a Wooden Lid Scented Candle, take a hot bath, and apply a mask. All the worries will be forgotten, which can both calm the irritable mood and improve the quality of life.

Do you Know 4 Cold Things about Scented Candle?cid=3

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Therefore, dear friends, please don't lose the sense of ritual in your life even if you are busy at work.

The girls who are a little more refined now will not be unfamiliar with fragrance. Especially the aromatherapy products at home often bring us a sense of happiness. But I want to ask, everyone is using scented candles, are you really using it right?

1.How to choose scented candles

Good products are pure green, pollution-free, pure plant essential oils and vegetable waxes. When choosing, the girls need to observe its candle wick (the cotton wick is better). As for the quality of the wax, you can light it up and smell the scent.

2. Trim the wick every time

If you buy a large bottle of scented candles, it is not possible to use them all at once, then you need to trim the wick before each use. Leave a length of about 5 mm. If you don't trim it, the candle cup will be easily blackened.

3.How long does each burn

Aromatherapy candles generally last for three to four hours, and some only need to burn for two hours. However, for the first use of the candle, it is recommended to wait until the candle surface forms a complete and uniform wax pool before extinguishing the candle.

4.How to extinguish candles

Do not blow with your mouth when you extinguish a candle, it will form black smoke. You can cover it with a candle holder, or cover it with a candle. There are also special candle extinguishing scissors that can be prepared, which are very good for trimming the wick and candle extinguishing.

For girls who like to wash with perfumes, fragrances, and fragrances, remember to keep the scent of their body as uniform as possible. Especially if it stays for a long time, it smells more obvious. Don't be too messy.

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