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Why don’t you Smell the Scent After Lighting Scented Candle?

Aug. 06, 2022

Recently, many people told me that the Scented Candle I bought was very scent at first, and I couldn’t smell it after a few hours. But when I walked out of the room, I would smell it again. Why? Could it be that the scented candle I bought is too bad? As a Scented Candle Manufacturer, share with you.

This principle is on our nose

The taste buds of the mouth feel the taste, the touch points of the skin feel the touch, and the retinas of the eyes feel the color. So how does the nose feel the smell?

 Scented Candle

  Scented Candle

The nose feels the smell by sniffing the mucous membrane

The olfactory mucosa is located on the top of the nasal cavity, and there are 10 million olfactory nerve cells. These cells are the key to feeling the odor. They touch the odor molecules entering the nasal cavity and excite them, and then transmit this signal to the corresponding area of the brain. The brain responds to this signal so that people can consciously feel the smell and remember the smell when appropriate.

Why can't you smell it for a long time?

"The olfactory cells are prone to fatigue, because the olfactory impulse signal goes from peak to peak. When the first peak reaches the second peak, the nerve needs 1ms or more recovery time, such as the interval between the second stimulus and the nerve. The required recovery time is manifested as an excitatory effect; if the interval is too short, the nerve meridian is still in a fatigued state, which in turn promotes the extension of the absolute refractory period, and any intensity of stimulation does not cause a reaction, and it appears as an inhibitory effect. 

Glass Candle

Glass Candle

Does this really have nothing to do with inferior aromatherapy?

There is a certain relationship. The biggest differences between inferior scented candles and quality scented candles are:

●Wax: Inferior ones generally use industrial grade paraffin, while quality-oriented ones generally use natural animal and plant waxes such as soybean wax, food grade paraffin and beeswax.

● Fragrance raw materials: natural plant fragrance ingredients will be added to the quality fragrance raw materials, the fragrance will be more natural and rounded, and then the fragrance will be formulated by a professional perfumer to ensure good stability, diffusion and layering, etc. These are cumbersome The delicate steps are not inferior to aromatherapy, just like perfumes, those that add natural rose essential oil will be more delicate and good-smelling, and after careful preparation, there will be some long-lasting classic fragrances.

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