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How is the Fragrance of Scented Candle Added?

Jun. 28, 2020

Scented Candle, soap, shower gel, shampoo, candy, drinks. We can collectively call it "perfumed products", that is, products that are formulated with flavors to meet the needs of people, but we often get finished products, and we don't know how flavors are added.

Recently, many friends who like scented candles are asking me the same question. How is the scent of scented candle added? Today’s article, Scented Candle Manufacturer, talks about how the scent of scented candles is added? And how to make it at home?

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1. How is the scent of scented candle added?

To understand this problem, you need to know the process of making scented candles

1. The production process of scented candles

2. Adding fragrance

It can be seen from the production process that the candle scent is completed by adding fragrance to the melted wax

(1) About fragrance

Flavors are divided into daily flavors and edible flavors. Fruit juices and drinks that are usually consumed are edible flavors, while scented candles and soaps use daily flavors, which are in line with national national standards and are harmless to humans.

The composition of the fragrance is complex, and it is prepared from a variety of compounds or mixtures with odor. Natural ingredients such as essential oils and extracts can be added to increase the natural scent.

(2) Percentage of flavoring

The proportion of flavor added is more than 3% and less than 10%, generally about 5% is very good.

2. How to make it at home?

If you are DIY at home, there are ready-made tool kits online, but the essential oils in the kits are relatively inferior, and they are not very suitable for candles. It is best to buy some fragrances online, which is also very cheap.

1. Preparation materials: you need a wax melting pot, a glass cup, a glass stirring rod, a small induction cooker. These tools are not expensive, and they are sold in sets on tb, as shown in the figure below, there is also a small electronic scale used to calculate the proportion It’s also very cheap.

2. Melt wax: Add the prepared soybean wax (or beeswax or paraffin wax) to the wax melting pot. Add a larger pot of water outside the wax melting pot to melt it in water to avoid excessive temperature. Wax paste.

3. Cup filling: pour the melted wax into the glass. When the wax is melted, pay attention to controlling the temperature not to be too high, as far as possible from the room temperature, if the temperature is too large, the cracks on the wax surface will occur when solidifying and cooling.

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