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Does Sleep Aid Aromatherapy Really Work?

Jun. 11, 2020

Aromatherapy sleep aid is being noticed by more and more people, this method that can improve the sense of life ritual to solve sleep problems is favored by people, but the facts tell me that customers with such needs are often novices to aromatherapy, they may only use After one or two fragrances, or perhaps never been in contact with them, I often have a skeptical attitude towards aromatherapy and have no choice in choice.

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In this article, Jar Candle Holder Supplier will give a unified answer to the principles and selection of sleep aid aromatherapy.

First, the principle of sleep aid aromatherapy

Aromatherapy sleep aid is true, there are two principles

One: Natural fragrance ingredients help sleep (according to scholars' research on fragrance)

The natural fragrance ingredients contained in the aromatherapy, such as agarwood, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, etc., have a sleep-enhancing effect, and are based on the conclusions of the experimental results, not conjectures, such as the study of lavender single and compound essential oils by Shanghai Jiaotong University It shows that inhalation of lavender essential oil has the effect of reducing the β wave of the brain, and compound essential oil has a more effective effect of reducing tension than lavender single essential oil. There are still many such studies. Interested readers can go to China HowNet, Wanfang Data, etc. to search and read.

Second: specific scent awakens sleep (according to psychology research on humans)

For us, the smell often has some specific personality colors. Some people particularly like the jasmine scent, but some people feel unpleasant or even annoying. These are closely related to our life experience. Some scent will make you feel comfortable as soon as you smell it. , Comfortable, you will be more likely to fall asleep in these fragrance environment. This scent arousal is the memory connection that you have formed in some environments. Once this scent appears, specific connections in your brain can be activated, which will bring you back to the feeling that makes you comfortable. This connection is called "conditional reflection".

2. How to choose sleep aid aromatherapy? How should I choose?

1. Selection principle: As long as the fragrance contains ingredients for sleeping aids, you can choose them. Generally, the spices with sleeping aids include agarwood, sandalwood, tonka, frankincense, rose, jasmine (true/miscellaneous) Lavender, chamomile, vetiver, geranium, sweet orange essential oil, etc.

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