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Can Scented Candles be Placed in the Bedroom?

Apr. 24, 2020

As an exquisite woman, the requirements for details of life are very high. Imagine wearing pajamas after bathing and lying on the bed comfortably. Do you think there is something missing in the bedroom?

Girls who are pursuing the quality of life will put a few scented candles in the room to increase the fragrance of the room and make people feel good. There are still some secrets in the use of scented candles. In order to avoid the small defects caused by improper use, hurry up and Jar Candle Holder Supplier to see if you have missed something when using scented candles?

Wooden Lid Scented Candles

Wooden Lid Scented Candles

Burning time

Because good Scented Candles are relatively expensive, many people may be reluctant to use them and extinguish him after a short burn, but this is not good. It must be burned for 3-4 hours during the first burning, and each burning needs to be kept for more than 2 hours afterwards, in order to burn the surface of the candle evenly, so as not to melt only the part close to the candle wick, resulting in the edge of the bottle The wax can't be burned, which leads to a waste of memory circle.

How to save

When not lighting the candle, be sure to close the lid or put it in the box. First of all, it can play a role in isolating dust, and secondly, even when the candle is still, the aroma will evaporate with time and the temperature and humidity in the air. If dust is stuck on the surface, you can wipe it with a tissue dampened with clean water. Some brands will be equipped with a lid, if you don't have one, remember to buy one. If it doesn't take up much space, the candle cover is also a good choice, gorgeous retro.

Candle wick length

With the use of candles, there will be less and less wax on the surface. At this time, you need to pay attention to the length of the wick. The excessively long wick will produce black smoke, and it will cause the burning speed to be too fast, not only not good The effect is still a bit wasteful! The wick that is too short may not be lit, or there may be insufficient combustion, so it is recommended that the wick be kept at a length of 0.4-0.5cm when trimming.

Pay attention to cleaning

When moving or placing lit scented candles, it is inevitable that they will be accidentally spilled on the table. When the wax liquid overflows, it will solidify because of the cold air. In this case, it is difficult to clean up. In fact, it can be wiped with alcohol spray. If you want to keep the burnt candle bottle, you can do the same. Many girls also use it in the bathroom, but be careful, water containing wax flows into the water pipe and can easily cause blockages.

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