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Do you know how to Choose Scented Candle?

Apr. 20, 2020

As a Candle Making Jars Wholesale, share with you. Aromatherapy candles are actually very common in developed areas in Europe and America. Basically, every household will take a hot bath after working home, light a scented candle, eat with family and enjoy family fun, or quiet after bathing Open a book quietly and let the fast-paced life slowly slow down.

In China, Scented Candle is slowly becoming popular. For those who want to contact with scented candles, there will be many questions at the beginning. Are scented candles harmful to the human body? What wax core is good for candles? What is the difference between using soybean wax, paraffin wax, and coconut wax? To be honest, when I first wanted to buy scented candles, I also checked a lot of these materials, and now I slowly understand it. I have also tried many candles from different brands. After reading it, I believe you will know a little about scented candles.

Diffuser Bottle

Diffuser Bottle

1. Cotton thread wax core wood wax core

Let's talk about the wax core first, wax core has cotton and wood. I have tried both. I think the cotton core is better because the wood core is uneven, most of them will have a little sound when burning, if the wood is not good, there will be an odor, and the candle will be black after a long time. The broken pieces of wood fell into the wax pool, which was not very beautiful after solidification.

2. Wax

The first is paraffin: paraffin is available in food-grade (non-toxic) and industrial grade (toxic). I suggest you not buy paraffin if you can. I also bought paraffin wax (not to mention a specific brand, it is more famous in the market and the price is quite cheap). After trying, I found that the scent comes quickly, which is more scented than other wax scented candles. Now, the taste is not mild enough soon. The most important thing is that if you buy a cheap paraffin scented candle, you are not poisonous or poisonous in your heart. I ordered it once and it was useless. Good quality paraffin scented candles are not without, but the price is relatively "beautiful", mainly look at your own pocket, if the cheap paraffin scented candles I don't recommend you buy it.

Next is soybean wax: in fact, soybean wax is a relatively common wax in scented candles. Bad soybean wax will have certain impurities, but because it is a plant wax, it has no adverse effects on the human body. It's more common, the price is more ordinary, you can try, but found no advantages.

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