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Do you Understand the Core of Scented Candle?

May. 06, 2020

As a Scented Candle Manufacturer, share with you. People who pay attention to quality of life and fun are in love with scented candles. Burning a candle, it sounds like a simple and romantic movement, but also more particular! After reading the following 4 precautions for the use of scented candles, you will find that you have never understood the core of the candle!

Diffuser Bottle

Diffuser Bottle

4 notes on how to use scented candles:

1. Trim candle wick

Many people think that the candle wick will burn with the fire and slowly turn into gray. In fact, you must trim the candle wick before the ignition. The best length is 1/8 or 1/4 inch long. After trimming, the flame will be brighter, reducing black smoke and reducing the generation of strong smell.

2. Burn at least once

Candles often burn only the inner part, and the outer part is always wasted? In fact, it is because when the candle is burned, it does not burn out at least once. As long as the entire circle of wax is melted on average every time, there will be no burning of the inner ring.

3. Buy multi-core candles

If you really can't wait for a lap every time, multi-core candles are also a quicker and more convenient choice!

4. Keep away from airflow

Many people will also put candles by the window, hoping that the fragrance of the candles can be extended more easily. But it actually affects the flame and causes the beloved candle container to cause burnt black spots.

Scented Candle can be ordered when you sleep, because scented candles can help sleep, many people do the same, but because scented candles have fire, it is recommended to stay away from the bed and put it higher Stay away from children to avoid fire and other problems. Personally, it is not recommended to put it on the bedside table. If you don’t sleep well and bump, it may cause the candle to fall and catch fire. So pay attention to these issues

Aromatherapy candles cannot be brought on the plane, because the aircraft stipulates that candles are not allowed on the plane, then some people said that scented candles are not ordinary candles, but scented candles can be lit and can catch fire, which is flammable and explosive. So it is not allowed to take on the plane.

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