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Reed Diffuser Care and Instructions

Sep. 09, 2022

The smell of your home is a very important aspect of your overall well-being and comfort. Your sense of smell is actually a powerful trigger for your brain and can trigger very different physical responses depending on the various scents in your home. Some scents can prompt people to be alert to danger, such as smoke warning of a potential fire or unpleasant smells that may be caused by harmful bacteria. However, other scents can promote feelings of calm, relaxation, vitality, and even safety. By harnessing the power of home fragrance, you can create a positive environment and a relaxing atmosphere in your home.


There are many ways to scent your house with different scents, including candles, sprays, and balms. Another popular option is a reed diffuser, which can be used in many places and has an almost endless range of scents.


If you choose to use these products in your home, understanding how they work can help you get the best results. This simple guide can help you whether you already use reed diffusers or are interested in purchasing some for your home.

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser


What is a reed diffuser?

A reed diffuser consists of three main components.


A small jar, reed diffuser bottle, or bowl, usually made of glass

A set of wooden reeds or sticks, usually around seven in total

Essential oils or other liquid fragrances


The scented liquid is poured into the jar and the reeds are then placed inside the jar. The ends of the reeds extend from the top of the jar into the open air. Depending on the style, the size can range from a few inches high to over a foot.

Square Empty Reed Diffuser Bottles

 Square Empty Reed Diffuser Bottles

Are they a better choice for your overall health?

Essential oils can provide many benefits without the risks of unnatural chemicals and ingredients. Many manufactured air fresheners and home fragrance products contain a variety of harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and phthalates. Some of these ingredients can cause serious health symptoms and problems.


Coated nasal passages, resulting in a suppressed sense of smell

Allergic reactions, including sneezing, coughing, tearing, and itching

Asthma symptoms include wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath

Certain types of cancer

Headaches and nausea

Neurological disorders


Fortunately, reputable, good-quality natural oils do not contain these added harmful chemicals, making them a safer alternative when used as directed. In addition, some oils have certain health benefits, including reduced stress, tension, or pain, and better sleep.


Remember, if you are buying a reed diffuser with your own scent solution, it is important to read up on the ingredients in the reed diffuser. While some may only use natural ingredients, others may use harmful chemicals. Always check the label before buying a home fragrance product.


 Reed Diffuser

 Reed Diffuser     

How long do they usually last in the average home?

A well-maintained reed diffuser made from a quality product should last about a month before it needs to be refilled or replaced. With proper use and care, some versions can last up to four months. If you find that it doesn't release a pleasant scent effectively for a few days or weeks, you may need to invest in a higher-quality perfume solution. Design can also be the culprit. Also, make sure you follow the care recommendations to enjoy the best results for the longest time possible.


How to care for your reed diffuser?

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your reed diffuser.


Do not use bamboo rods. The channels in the bamboo are separated by nodes which prevent the oil from traveling all the way along the bamboo. Use the natural reeds that come with the diffuser instead of bamboo.


If you want to increase the strength of the scent, add more reeds to the diffuser. Remember that this will mean that the oil is absorbed in a faster rate, so you will have to replace it more frequently.


Once the aroma starts to fade, turn the reeds to reveal the more saturated ends. Do this over a sink or bin to catch any oil droplets.


If you notice that your reed diffuser is losing oil, allow it to evaporate completely before refilling. It is best to start with fresh oil rather than adding it to old oil. Wash the bottle with a little soap and water and allow it to dry completely (otherwise the water will disperse the oil). Then, refill the bottle with the fresh oil and add the new reeds.


Similarly, do not mix the oil with water to try to dilute it and make it last longer. The oil and water will separate and cause the reeds to bend.


Place your reed diffuser in an area with good air circulation, such as a high-traffic corridor, to get the most out of the fragrance.