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Design Tips for Perfume Bottles

Sep. 02, 2022

Perfume bottles how to improve its packaging value has always been the entire packaging industry closely follow the wind, for perfume bottles, unlike other glass bottle packaging products, perfume bottles more to carry the brand culture and connotation of perfume, which makes the perfume bottle glass bottle packaging needs to consider more elements in the design of production. The following is a brief introduction to the concept and skills of perfume bottle packaging design.


Perfume bottle design, whether from the bottle shape, color, or outer packaging design, should be in line with the qualities of the perfume itself. Among the many perfume bottles, each one has its own characteristics, competing with each other to attract different people. The color of the packaging of the perfume bottle should reflect the outstanding characteristics that the product wants to express. For example, some perfume bottle color expression is romantic, gentle and sexy; some is the pursuit of elegant and decent, delicate, serene; some is the performance of elegance; there is also pure love, lovely, fresh, full of confidence and happiness.

Crystal Perfume Bottle 3ml

 Crystal Perfume Bottle 3ml

Perfume bottle design from the appearance, there are the human body or the body's graceful curves as the main design elements, such as wearing a long dress of the woman's body, pavilion, graceful, leaving a deep impression. There are also perfume bottles with flowers, grass and trees as the main shape, there are also bionic forms, such as shells, bamboo and other forms of perfume bottle type, the contents of this perfume and bottle type more harmonious, blending into one, giving people a close to nature experience.


What is the cost of customizing perfume bottles? Recommend a custom perfume bottle manufacturer perfume is one of the necessary items for every beauty-loving woman, so do you know how perfume bottles are produced? Each distinctive perfume bottle comes through high and low temperature calcination. So what is the custom cost of perfume bottle customization?

Luxury Perfume Bottles

 Luxury Perfume Bottles

The custom cost of perfume bottles

Unlike other packaging, perfume bottle packaging has diversity. In addition to the common glass perfume bottles, the fact that a variety of crystal and metal-based perfume bottle packaging also occupies a large market. The appearance of various perfume bottle packaging presents a great sense of luxury compared to other packaging.


For perfume bottle packaging, with years of market development, it is no longer a simple packaging container. More and more exquisite appearance, the form of limited edition, etc., these make perfume bottle packaging presents more connotation and temperament. For perfume bottle packaging, in addition to the future market focus on the appearance and design, more attention to the convenience and functionality of the use of the product.


In addition, with the popularization of perfume, the advantages of perfume bottle packaging in terms of cost will also make it better to occupy the market share, which is also worth paying attention to the aspects.

Crystal Perfume Bottles

Crystal Perfume Bottles


How to recycle perfume bottles?

Remove the outer cap of the perfume bottle, and then pull off the nozzle. While placing the perfume bottle on a horizontal surface, pull the nozzle straight up with your fingers. Set the nozzle aside when you pop it out.


Discard the cap and nozzle if you do not want them to be used for decorative purposes.


This procedure applies to standard spray tops. Plug-in perfume tops do not have nozzles, as you usually apply perfume on yourself. You can simply skip cleaning the bottle.