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How Important Is Packaging in the Perfume Industry?

Aug. 16, 2021

Next,the perfume bottle supplier will explain what to look for when choosing a perfume bottle for your fragrance.


What should I consider when choosing a perfume bottle?

If you are launching a fragrance for the first time, I would recommend a standard solution. Here are some tips to help you craft the perfect bottle.


Analyzing your brand image, target audience and perfume type will give you a good idea of the desired shape, color, and volume.

Avoid very strange shapes; personalization and decoration offer a smarter, cleaner way to showcase your brand's personality.

The neck size of FEA 15 will allow you to choose from a large selection of caps and pumps to decorate the bottle.

The larger and flatter the surface, the easier and more consistent the decoration will be.

See the different colors of glass available. Depending on the glass plant and the sand used to produce it, you will find green, gray, yellow, and other colors.

Crystal Perfume Bottles

Crystal Perfume Bottle     

How does the packaging complement the brand?

Branding is everything in the perfume world. Perfume packs can come in different shapes, colors, and finishes. The possibilities for decoration are endless, but what matters is that the look and feel fits the brand. A perfume bottle for the teenage market looks very different from a perfume bottle for professional men. A good packaging developer will write a marketing brief and develop packaging recommendations that not only match but also enhance the brand image based on brand values, target audience, and fragrance type.


What are the advantages of custom packaging?

Custom packaging is the preferred choice of many top brands. It is a sure way to ensure that the packaging is unique in the marketplace in every sense of the word. There are no compromises to be made.


Is custom always best?

No, a custom perfume bottle is not the only solution for every fragrance. It is certainly the most expensive and time-consuming way to ensure that a bottle looks unique. However, there are simple shapes on the market (cylindrical, square, rectangular) with different capacities (30, 50, 100 ml) that can be cleverly developed without the need for new molds. In expert hands, personalized standard bottles can be just as compelling as custom-made, but with less investment and faster time to market.

Crystal Perfume Bottles

 Crystal Perfume Bottles


Are there any other technical aspects to consider?

One of the most important aspects to remember is the volume of the perfume bottle. Alcohol expands at high temperatures, so it is important to leave a margin.


What do you expect from a supplier?

A good perfume bottle supplier is not just a salesperson who sells from a catalog. They should understand the aesthetic and technical aspects of developing perfume packaging. They should be flexible and provide you with good advice to ensure you get not only what you want, but what you need.

Primary packaging is crucial in the perfume industry. It helps perfume brands to communicate the idea behind the product, the message behind the fragrance. More than anywhere else in the beauty market, the visual aspect of the packaging is a key factor in convincing consumers. This is why it is essential to use it properly. Investing time and resources in developing the bottle can help make or break a fragrance brand.

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