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What is the Best Scented Candle for the Bedroom?

Apr. 13, 2020

Use aromatherapy in your bedroom. It is said that aromatherapy essential oil has plant-specific aroma and pharmacological effects. Choosing the flavor you like can help improve sleep quality. Many netizens have used indoor aromatherapy. Do you know what Scented Candle is best for the bedroom? Or which incense is more recommended? How effective is it? As a Scented Candle Manufacturer, share with you.

180ml Diffuser Bottle

180ml Diffuser Bottle 

I have used a lot of scented candles and fire-free aromatherapy at present. My personal experience and suggestions for aromatherapy selection:

1. Be sure to choose natural soy wax.

2. The completeness of wax pool burning is also a scoring criterion.

3. The diffusion ability of fragrance is also one of the assessment criteria.

4. Regarding the choice of fragrance, aromatherapy is not the same as perfume. The aroma of fragrance is mainly pleasant, not as personal as perfume, so I suggest to choose woody or green leafy, if you like floral notes Smell the sample in advance before deciding to buy because the sweet floral and fruity smell will get tired for a long time, it is not easy to make people calm.

A few small tips: The first candle must be burned until the wax pool is flat. If the wax itself cannot form a complete wax pool, do not continue to wait hard. Do not burn for more than 1 and a half hours. Observe the wick if it becomes black In severe cases, black smoke will come out, remember to extinguish. Be sure to trim the wick before the next light. If there is no professional wick shear, you can gently twist the black part with paper towels, leaving only about 2mm in length.

The scent is different in different spaces. You can put some fruity notes such as wild orange, orange blossom and lemon in the bathroom, which can make the air fresher. In the living room, freesia, blue campanula, rose and other floral notes It will make the smell more advanced; study and office can choose green tea and sea salt, which are relatively fresh; in the bedroom, put aromas containing lavender, cedar, sandalwood scent, can have a certain nerve soothing effect.

Secondly, scented candles are more popular nowadays. Many people feel that there are hidden dangers of using scented candles because they have pets or children at home. In fact, personally feel that the problem is not big. As long as you look after them, it is fine and the candle is used The experience is really great! Especially in the evening before going to bed, lighting candles before taking a shower, the whole room is fragrant and fragrant, making people feel relaxed and delicate. The candles of our brand are made of soybean wax and imported wicks imported from the United States. There will be no black smoke when burning, and there will be no harm to the human body.

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