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5 Benefits of Using Candles In A Glass Jar

Jun. 15, 2022

Scented Candle

 Scented Candle

You may be thinking of buying a new scented candle, but when you see those beautiful jarred candles in the shops or online, do you often wonder "what is the use of a glass candle? " There are many different types of containers available for storing and lighting your favorite candle scents, with glass jars being the most popular choice for consumers.


There are plenty of reasons why glass candles are included in many people's home decor! Want to know what makes them so great? Here are five benefits of using candles in glass jars ......


1. Less clean up

You don't have to think about cleaning up any mess caused by candle wax when you put your candles in a glass. For example, when you place a pillar candle in a candle holder with open sides, the wax can fall freely. This is not preferred as it can damage the material or surface on which it is placed. Not to mention the added worry of a hot flame or wax coming close to or in contact with flammable materials.

Candle Jar

 Candle Jar          

2. Makes burning candles safer

On a chemical basis, most candles in glass jars use fragrances and sometimes this can include essential oils. Whatever the type of glass candle holder, you should always check the list of ingredients to ensure they are safe for you.


Be careful, if you leave a candle to burn for more than four hours, the glass jar or candle wax itself can become very hot, and depending on the material of the container, it may develop a flashpoint or even explode. You should make sure that any glass used for candles is safe and heat resistant. We also recommend removing the remaining wax when there is 1.25 cm (or half an inch) left in the jar.



3. Giving the most light

The transparency of the glass allows no obstructions to light and allows the candle's flame to shine freely. With so much light shining in, you can bring a lot of ambiance and warmth to each room where you place your candles.


You can even try using colored glass as candle containers to liven up your room, the choice of color can dramatically change the atmosphere. Amber glass candle jars, for example, give off a warm scent and create the ultimate aromatic moment of relaxation!

Amber Glass Candle Jar

 Amber Glass Candle Jar


4. They last longer

When you think about it, pillar candles, votive candles, or tea lights can only be used once in their original form. When they burn, they melt into a puddle of wax or disappear. The great thing about glass candles is that even if you burn the wick once and blow it out, it can always be used again.


Most high-quality glass soy wax candles last nearly 25 to 40 hours, but depending on the size of the candle jar, they can last up to 100 hours! This means that even if you burn the candle for a few hours, you can be sure to light it several times to make it last longer.


5. They can make great gifts

Glass jar candles are one of the most popular gifts for friends or family. They are suitable for any occasion as they are not too heavy to carry around, so are easy to store and put in small gift bags. Depending on the scent or brand they can be cheap, which means you don't have to spend a fortune and they are also cheap to release. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or Mother's Day, you can't go wrong with a glass candle. They make meaningful, beautiful gifts for that special someone!

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