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Reed Diffuser Bottles Wholesale

A reed diffuser bottle is a combination of fragrant or essential oils mixed with a solvent. Essential oils are dispersed by evaporation to perfume the room. The reeds are used to draw the mixture up and out of the container and spread it throughout the room.

How to make your own reed glass diffuser bottles?

Glass diffusers are an excellent and safe alternative to home fragrances when candle jars are not suitable.

Making a reed diffuser container couldn't be easier. Start by choosing any essential oils you like and mixing them together. We recommend using about 15% - 25% fragrance or essential oil. Pour into one of our diffuser glasses, add your reeds, and you're done!

For one liter reed diffuser base, it is recommended to add 150 - 250 ml of fragrance or essential oil. You can use about 5-10 reeds per 100ml of diffuser mix. Want to add some color to your reed diffuser? Try our water-based paints.

Premium Glass Reed Diffuser Bottles

Our 100ml diffuser bottle is a classic design perfect for producing your own reed diffuser. With sleek simplicity and fine craftsmanship, the round shape provides plenty of room for labels to differentiate your brand, the heavier base adds stability, and the narrow neck minimizes when used with reeds. of evaporation. Enhance the professional look of your reed diffuser with a stylish cap and choice of reed sticks (cap and reed sold separately).

As a professional diffuser bottle supplier, Boye offers a wide range of home fragrance items such as glass candle jars, reed diffusers, decorative diffusers and car diffusers. If you are considering to buy bulk reed diffuser bottles online, please contact us!


Custom glass diffuser bottle

Glass diffuser bottle dimensions

We produce 50ml, 100ml, 110ml and 250ml glass bottle sizes. Additionally, we can provide custom sizes for smaller or larger designs upon request.

Glass diffuser bottle color

We manufacture clear, coloured and matte reed diffuser bottles. Color options include black, gray, pink and red. We recommend the use of stained glass diffuser bottles for scenting light-sensitive essential oils.

Glass diffuser cap

We manufacture wholesale reed diffuser bottles with lids. We also offer a wide range of other cap accessories such as glass, wooden, plastic or cork caps.

Glass diffuser neck size

The glass diffuser bottle has a short neck to prevent odors from evaporating. We also offer different neck finishes to match various closure styles.

Glass Diffuser Finish Options

We offer bulk clear glass diffuser bottles, but you can also choose from other finishes such as cracked, etched, painted or frosted glass reed diffuser bottles.

Our wholesale empty diffuser bottles are arsenic and lead free. They are made of high-quality glass, do not react with essential oils, and are heat and corrosion resistant. They will preserve your scented products for a longer shelf life. We offer custom options in size, color, cap style and glass diffuser bottle finish. If you are looking for high quality reed diffuser bottles wholesale with competitive price, welcome to contact us!

How long will a reed diffuser last?

A 100ml diffuser will last about 3-4 months, of course there are many factors that will affect the lifespan of a reed diffuser, temperature, airflow, heating, area, etc.

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