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Tips For Making Your Bathroom Smell Great

Apr. 08, 2022

Our bathrooms are our sanctuary; we go there to relax, unwind and indulge in everything from steaming hot showers to romantic bubble bath escapes from reality. But what makes your bathroom feel like a spa without any work? Good smelling candles.


I think most people would agree that going to a spa is the ultimate way to unwind. They offer a range of services, but my favorite part of the day is the relaxing time spent in the luxurious tub at the end.


Of course, we can't all escape to a fabulous hotel spa when we need a little cooldown, so how do we use our swamp standard bathroom at home and give it a spa-like upgrade? You may have guessed it - adding scented candles to your self-care ritual is a great place to start.

Reed Diffuser

 Reed Diffuser

Tips for making your bathroom smell great

Open your windows daily. Without daily fresh air, bathrooms can become a bit damp and stagnant, so make sure you open the windows daily to allow the breeze to blow away any damp smells.


Add a reed diffuser to the space. To add a 24-hour scent to your powder room, place some reeds into the diffuser and enjoy the subtle scent. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the scent by adding or removing reeds and don't forget to turn the reeds over each week.


Dry towels and mats. Ensuring that the fabric elements in your bathroom are dry when not in use will help prevent them from giving off that damp, musty smell we all hate.

Add flowers to the space. Plus, they brighten things up!

 Scented Candle

  Scented Candle


A great way to reuse and recycle old candle containers

Your favorite scented candle is about to run out, all that perfectly scented wax has evaporated over countless nights of comfort and enjoyment, and all you have left is the empty container. A beautifully decorated, elegant container that you love almost as much as the scent it once produced.


Of course, don't worry, there are many great ways to reuse old scented candle containers.


After you've followed our cleaning instructions above, you're ready to recycle your candle holders - here are some of our favorite ideas ......

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Turn candle jars into planters

Old scented candle containers are the perfect size to become the new home for your latest leafy newcomer. Due to our current obsession with succulents and almost all other plants, we barely have enough old candle jars - which is really saying something!


Most people tend to prefer amber or colored glass candle jars for planting due to the need for brown soil, but clear jars are great when growing in water.


Organize your dresser

What better way to keep your beauty space organized than to upgrade your favorite scented candle jars? Larger candles are perfect holders for makeup brushes, eyeliners, and pencils, while smaller candle containers are great for storing cotton pads or bobby pins.


Pencil jars on your desk

You're unlikely to find us on our desks without lit calming candles, so it makes sense that when all the wax is gone, we recycle candle jars to make pretty tins for our stationery!

Amber Glass Candle Jar

 Amber Glass Candle Jar     


Keep candle matches neat and tidy

Did you know that matches can be pretty too?! Treat yourself to some beautifully colored or even scented matches and keep them neatly in an old candle container.


Vase of flowers

Flowers and candles make us happy. Repurposing your old candles and using them as vases to hold some fresh flowers is the ideal way to reuse them.

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