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How to solve the friction on the surface of Matt Black Candle Glass Jar?

Jan. 07, 2020

Matt Black Candle Glass Jar is produced at high temperatures. From glass solution to machine production molding, it goes through high temperature to low-temperature process. It is inevitable that collision and friction between glass bottle products will occur. Traces of friction will appear, and sometimes the product will become blocked if it is not cooled.

Matt Black Candle Glass Jar

Matt Black Candle Glass Jar

How can I solve this?

1. reduce machine speed:

Allow the product to cool properly

2. Reduce the temperature of the glass solution in the feeder bowl:

Cooling the glass solution in the feeder with a cooling fan

3. Spray cold spray paint on the product:

Spray anti-friction coating when the product is in the assembly line to increase the hardness of the product and avoid friction marks.

As a Candle Glass Jar Wholesaler, I would like to share with you the characteristics and types of glass bottles: glass bottles are the main packaging containers for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They have good chemical stability; easy to seal, good airtightness, and transparent, and can be observed from the outside; the storage performance is good; the surface is smooth and easy to sterilize; beautiful shape, colorful decoration; there is a certain machinery Strength, can withstand the pressure in the bottle and the external force during transportation; the raw materials are widely distributed and the price is low. Its disadvantages are high quality (large the ratio of quality to capacity), large brittleness and fragility. However, using the new technology of thin-wall lightweight and physical and chemical toughening, these shortcomings have been significantly improved, so a glass bottles can increase output year by year under the fierce competition with plastics, iron tins, and iron cans.

There are many types of glass bottles, from small bottles with a capacity of 1ML to large bottles of more than ten liters, from round, square, to special-shaped and handle bottles, from colorless and transparent amber, green, blue, and black shading bottles and opaque The list of opalescent glass bottles is endless. As far as the manufacturing process is concerned, glass bottles are generally divided into two categories: molded bottles (using model bottles) and control bottles (using glass control bottles). Molded bottles are divided into large-mouth bottles (bottle diameter above 30MM) and small-mouth bottles. The former is used to hold powdery, blocky and pasty items, while the latter is used to hold liquids. According to the bottle mouth form, it is divided into cork bottle mouth, screw bottle mouth, crown cap bottle mouth, rolled bottle mouth and frosted bottle mouth. According to the use conditions, it is divided into "one-time bottles" that are used once and discarded, and "recycled bottles" that are used repeatedly. Classified according to the contents, it can be divided into wine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, canned bottles, acid bottles, medicine bottles, reagent bottles, infusion bottles, cosmetic bottles and so on. Our company also has Matt White Candle Glass Jar for sale, welcome to consult.