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Safe Candle Containers for Candle Making: What Avoid and What to Use

Jan. 11, 2022

How to make candles in safe candle containers – make sure you don’t use these containers for candle making! 

Container candles are one of the best ways to start candle making. Why? Because it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to how to make container candles. Some start by buying the prettiest jars and pots they can find. In contrast, others look to repurpose things such as candles in mason jars, coffee mugs, tins, teacups, or yogurt jars. Seasoned candle makers, like myself, make candles from a combination of both in addition to candle molds. 

But, it might surprise you, how many containers are not safe for candle making. Using the wrong container for candles can result in explosions or fire. So, it’s important you know what is safe to use to make a container candle. 

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How do you know if a container is safe for candle making?

Choosing a candle container at first might be based on your personal style or home decor. But, it ultimately comes down to if it is safe to make a candle in. Here’s where to start when it comes to candle safety. 


It might go without saying, but any container that could easily tip over should be avoided. For example, something with an uneven surface on the bottom, such as a hand-thrown pottery bowl, might not be a good idea. Or top-heavy objects, like a wine glass that could get tipped over. 

Candle Glass Jar

Candle Glass Jar     

Another thing to consider about stability is the surface you place the candle on to burn. 

Shape and Diameter

I don’t hear this candle-making tip talked about much, but it solves the most common candle container problem. Giving good reason to examine the shape and diameter of a candle container. 

Picture a vase with a full bottom and a narrow opening on the top. This shape is great for flower arranging, but the diameter on the top is much too small to wick and burn a candle properly. If a container has a narrower top than the bottom, it doesn’t work well for candle making. Why? Because as candles burn, they form a circular melting pool in the wax. As the wax burns down, it goes deeper into the candle.

A diameter that is too small compared to the bottom of the container will be exposed to more heat than is safe. You’ll not only have candle tunneling you’ll also risk the candle cracking. 

And if you have a container with a much wider opening than the bottom, you may need multiple wicks. When you look at a candlewick size chart, you’ll notice that even the largest wicks can only adequately be used for up to a 5-inch diameter candle. 

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