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How To Keep the Candle Jar Clean?

Nov. 11, 2022

When your candle is burnt to the bottom, it can seem like a waste to throw the whole jar away. Perhaps you want to reuse it for another project or simply clean it out so you can recycle it.

We’ve put together steps for the best way to clean a candle jar so that you can reuse empty jars.

It should go without saying that you would not want the candle burning before doing this, but try to cover the candle jar in between uses. This is because leaving it open can mean that dust gets into the jar.


When dust settles into the jar, it can and will burn. This results in marks on the side of the jar and the dust getting burnt into the air.


If you have begun to notice a buildup of dust in your candle jar, use a damp cotton pad to get it out. It is especially important to get the top of the wax clean since the most amount of heat will be concentrated in that area.


Maybe you are reading this after the black streaks have already taken hold. All you need to do is use a wet cotton pad in conjunction with some warm, soapy water. Gently rub the stained area until the black soot begins to come up and is eventually removed.


Before you light the candle again, make sure the area is completely dried. When your candle is clean, you can then take some of the helpful hints above and ensure that your candle jar remains free of soot and black debris.

Candle Jar and Scented Candles

 Candle Jars and Scented Candles        

Lastly, you can reuse the candle holder. Even if the candle has burnt all the way down, you can restore it into working order. All you do is pour some hot water into the glass and swirl it around.


The hot water will break down any debris or wax left in the holder, leaving it free and clear when you dump the water out.


You can use those empty candle holders for things such as pencils and pens or even a cute little flower pot.


On the other hand, if you have leftover wax, you can use it with these creative ideas.

Tips and tricks for protecting your candles

Avoid areas known as 'draughty'; that is to say, without airflow. Getting enough oxygen makes for a cleaner, more efficient burn, which is good for both the candle and the jar in the long run.


The wick is also vital to the life of the candle. As the candle continues to burn, the wick grows in length. This behaviour will cause your candle to burn faster. It is important that you trim the wick off each time you burn the candle.


As a general rule, you want to make sure that the wick is no more than a few millimetres long, or about the same length as when you got it.


Keeping the wick short means it won't burn the candle as quickly. This means that you can get greater use out of your candle.

Amber Glass Candle Jar

 Amber Glass Candle Jar     


In addition, trimming the wick will stop the candle holder getting too hot and overheating. This helps to prevent black smoke from developing and eventually building up on the sides of the candle holder.


Not only is the length of the wick important, but you should also reposition it occasionally. By repositioning the wick to the centre of the candle, you can give it the optimum setting it needs to burn more efficiently.


One of the biggest causes of black smoke reaching the side of the candle is when the wick is off-centre. When it is tilted one way or the other it can burn closer to the edge of the candle glass. This is what causes those nasty black stains to appear on the candle jar.


By aligning the wick to the centre, you can keep the flame as far away from the edge of the jar as possible. This means a more even burn, more even heat distribution and an overall cleaner experience.