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How is Reed Diffuser Made?

Jan. 13, 2021

As a Reed Diffuser Wholesale, share it with everyone. Reed Diffuser, literally translated as: aloe diffuser, known in the industry: "rattan volatile liquid" and "no-fire aromatherapy". It is a very popular indoor fragrance in Europe and America in recent years. The principle is to use plants or objects with relatively high volatility. It is a medium, such as rattan, grass flower, cotton rope, etc. The medium absorbs the essential oil into the rattan or flower head, and then volatilizes into the air, and then emits the fragrance of the essential oil.

Custom Reed Diffuser

Custom Reed Diffuser

How is the flameless aromatherapy made?

1. Place the aromatherapy bottle flat on the table.

2. Open the aromatherapy essential oil bottle (hold the bottle tightly, press down the bottle cap and turn left to open). Use a special funnel to slowly pour the essential oil into the bottle, preferably 7 minutes full. Do not overfill to avoid spilling essential oils.

3. Put the core of the nucleus into the aromatherapy bottle along the mouth of the bottle, and place the nucleus on the mouth of the bottle steadily. (When using for the first time, you need to wait for more than 20 minutes so that the core head can inhale the essential oil to a saturated state)

4. After confirming that there is no spilled essential oil on the body of the aromatherapy bottle and the tabletop, you can ignite the core and let the flame continue to burn for about two minutes. (If the burning time is not enough to reach the critical temperature, the constant temperature cracking cannot be maintained)

5. Blow out the flame and cover with a hollow lid to slowly catalyze and release the essential oil molecules in the entire bottle of essential oil without fire. Based on a room of 30 square meters, it only takes 0.5-1 hour to catalyze, and the aroma effect can last about 8 hours.

6. If you want to stop the catalytic aromatherapy operation, please remove the hollow cover first, and then close the sealing cover tightly on the core. (Note: The core has strong water absorption. If you do not use aromatherapy in a humid environment, please be sure to cover it with a sealing cap. If the core cannot be ignited after being damp and absorbed, you can cool the core and dry it before use.)

7. Finally, cover the hollow cover to keep it beautiful and use it next time. Our company also has Custom Reed Diffuser on sale, welcome to contact us.