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How to Get the Maximum Aroma from Candles?

Dec. 11, 2020

As a Candle Size Supplier, share with you.

The candle does not look complicated. You light the wick. Let it burn for a while. Blow out the flame. However, many people burn candles in a way that limits the burning time and smell, which reduces the effectiveness of the purchase.

How to make candles smell stronger?

Here are 4 ways to properly burn candles to maximize the duration and fragrance:

Customized Scented Candle

Customized Scented Candle

Make sure that the size and type of candle fit the room.

The size of the candle should mimic the size of the room. Large candles with two or three wicks will create a larger pool of wax, which creates a fragrance. One-wick medium candles (7-10 ounces) are suitable for medium-sized rooms, such as bedrooms. Small candles (2-6 ounces) can only emit the smell of small spaces, such as bathrooms or entrances.

Trim the wick.

Before lighting the wick, trim it to ¼”. This simple step can help the candle burn and reduce soot. It can prevent the wick from chipping and mushroom tops.

Burn candles for a long time.

Let the candle burn at least until the wax pool reaches the edge of the container. Blowing out the candle before the wax pool reaches the edge creates a "tunneling effect". This annoying problem can cause the wax to form a tunnel in the tank. The tunnel is actually wasting the wax remaining on the sides of the container.

If the wax pool of the candle has not completely reached the edge of the container after about an hour, try to rotate the candle container gently to encourage the wax pool to reach.

But don't burn it for too long.

When the depth of the burning pool in the container is less than 1 inch, the candle is extinguished. Burning candles for a long time will heat up and evaporate the aroma too quickly, and weaken the aroma over time.

Look for candles with paper or cotton wicks. The wick containing the wire usually contains lead.

Look for a thick, centered wick. If your candle does not form a wax pool that reaches the edge of the container, the wick may be off-center, or it may be too thin for wax and fragrance.

Buy high-quality or handmade candles. Factory-made candles are usually made of two pots of wax poured into flat wax. In this process, usually a stronger odor wax is used when topping it, which will produce a stronger odor, but only use it at the beginning. When you burn these candles, you will find that the release of smell is really weak. In addition, factory-made candles are not continuously stirred before the pouring process, which may cause inconsistent scent spray.

Choose soy wax or coconut wax candles. Candles that are not labeled as soy candles or coconut candles are usually made of paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum by-products. If you inhale the smoke of paraffin candles, you may feel nausea, vomiting, headaches, and even benzene contamination that may cause lung cancer.

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