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How Much Do You Know About Glass Candle Jars?

Nov. 25, 2022

You may want to buy a new scented candle, but when you see those fancy jar candles in the shops or online, do you often wonder "do glass candles work? "


There are many different types of containers available to store and light your favorite candle scents, and glass jars are the most popular choice for consumers. There are many reasons why many people include glass candles in their home décor!


In this article, the types of candle jars and how to choose a candle container will be discussed.


Scented Candle

 Scented Candle

Types of Glass candle jars

Glass candle jars are one of the common types of jars used in candle making. They feature a unique, smooth, rounded edge and are designed in a detailed shape. Glass candle jars are usually square or round in shape with a balanced base bottom. Available in different sizes. There are 100ml jars, 150ml, 250ml, 350ml and 500ml glass candle jars.


Glass jars produced specifically for candles should be smooth, non-porous, and thick so as not to break easily. They are designed to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the candle's heat. Typically, glass candle jars can withstand temperatures of up to 250⁰ Fahrenheit. Lids are usually made of glass, tinplate, aluminum and cork.


Using high-quality glass candle jars ensures that your products stand out on shop shelves. This is why most famous candle brands prefer glass candle containers. Boye designs and delivers quality candles with refined glass candle jars. The glass component is designed to ensure that you have a clear jar which will help to showcase the candle's texture and natural colour as clearly as possible, making them aesthetically pleasing to buyers.

Candle Jar and Scented Candles

 Candle Jar and Scented Candles   

If desired, the glass candle jar can also be available in different colours such as black, grey and the more popular amber glass jar which exudes a classic and vintage look. It also has plenty of space on the side for product labels and instructions.

However, not all glass containers for candles are safe. For candles made from glass, the material should be thick and smooth enough to withstand the pressure of the candle flame and hot wax without breaking.


It is not uncommon to use glass vases, old glasses and other glass containers used for decorative purposes to make candles. This should be avoided as these items are not designed to be as effective as glass candles.


The ideal glass container for candles does not contain the organic compound Bisphenol A. It should also be lead-free and corrosion-resistant. This is to ensure that these glass jars are absolutely food-grade and safe, as the end consumer tends to use their glass jars for purposes other than keeping candles.

Candle Glass Jar 

Candle Glass Jar   


Containers and containers for all types of candles!

Choosing a candle container may seem like a simple personal decision, based mainly on taste. This is true, but you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble when making the perfect candle if you consider a few extra factors.


The cylindrical shape of the candle container.

When a candle burns, it forms a round burning pool in the wax. As the candle burns, the burning pool penetrates deeper into the candle, so that the melted wax takes on a cylindrical shape (like a soda can). Therefore, the easiest container to wick is one that is shaped like a cylinder.


The diameter of the candle container.

Another tip related to wicking ...... In our extensive testing, we have found it difficult to wick a jar with a single wick more than 3-1/2 inches, especially with candles made with soy wax and a lot of fragrance. We recommend 3 inches or less to allow for moisture wicking and to reduce soot.

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