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Ultimate Guide to Reed Diffusers

Dec. 16, 2022

Reed diffusers are a convenient and long-lasting way to infuse a room with your favourite scent. Not only do they smell great, but they are often beautifully designed and add an elegant, stylish ambience to your home décor.


In this article we will explain how to make your home or office smell fresh, inviting and luxurious using a reed diffuser.


Where should I place my reed diffuser?

Always choose an elevated, open position for your diffuser to take advantage of the airflow in the space and to spread the scent everywhere. We recommend keeping the diffuser out of direct sunlight to prevent the oils from evaporating, which doesn't help make those expensive scents last. Avoid placing it near anything warm, as the heat from the diffuser will also cause the fragrance to evaporate more quickly.


Reed Diffuser

 Reed Diffuser

How long do the reeds in a diffuser last?

The life of a reed diffuser depends on the number of reversals per use. When purchased in 100 ml quantities, the diffuser oil lasts on average three to four months ("set it and leave it"). However, central heating, air conditioning, opening and closing doors and dehumidifiers can all shorten their life span. When used up, the bottles can be recycled like any other glass or reused for other household items.


The benefits of a reed diffuser

1. Lasts longer

Reed diffusers release fragrance more slowly than candles. Depending on temperature and humidity, a 250ml diffuser can scent a space for up to 12 weeks.


2. It gently fragrances your home

Reed diffusers provide a more subtle fragrance as they release fragrance more slowly than candles. This makes them ideal for smaller rooms or for rooms where you prefer a milder scent.


3. No power, flame, aerosols or residue

One of the must-have items for home fragrance is a reed diffuser. It operates without a flame (so there is no need to be concerned about it). There are no aerosols and no power requirements.


Reed Diffuser

 Reed Diffuser      

4. Using the reeds correctly

You can start with 3-4 reeds for a delicate, light scent and then gradually add more reeds if you want a stronger scent. After a period of use, you can flip the reeds in the reed diffuser for a fresh scent.


How to use reed diffusers?

One of the best things about reed diffusers is that they are both quick and easy to use - requiring minimal maintenance. You can fill a room with your favourite scent in minutes.


Here's the best way to use your new reed diffuser.


  • Before setting up the diffuser, place a few paper towels underneath the glass container to prevent spillage. Avoid doing this on wooden or fragile surfaces as the oil may leave a stain.

  • If the essential oil comes in a separate container, the next step is to pour the oil into your container until it is about ½ to ¾ full. Do not fill it all the way to the top or it may overflow when you add the reeds. If your diffuser container is already filled with oil, skip this step.

  • Place your reed in the container so that the bottom of the stick is submerged in the fragrant oil. The number of reeds you add determines how light or strong the scent will be (we recommend starting with 6 to 8 reeds).

  • Give your reeds a few minutes to absorb the oil, then carefully turn them over so that the dry end of the stick is in the bottle and the saturated end is in the air.

  • Unfold the reeds as far as possible to allow air to circulate between them. Allow up to 24 hours for the fragrance to fully diffuse.

  • Turn the reeds over regularly (about once a week) to maintain the strong scent.

  • Once set up, the reed diffuser will usually last between 1 and 6 months, depending on the amount of essential oil in the container.