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The Story of Perfume Bottles: From Stone to Porcelain to Glass

Jul. 20, 2021

Since the invention of perfume, people have also thought of many ways to store them. The need for reliable containers was obvious. People needed containers that would make it easy for people to carry liquid perfumes over long distances for buying, selling, and personal use. Perfume containers are an important part of the trade.

Perfume is considered to be a very valuable commodity. For a long time, it was a commodity that was only available to the wealthy. For this reason, it was only fitting that a family would keep their perfume in the most high-class containers available. 

When noblemen carried perfumes with them, they would store them in highly decorative vials that were worn with their vestments. Ancient Greek and Roman royalty even had very elaborate perfume bottles that imitated the shapes of birds and other animals. All of these were used only to keep their precious perfumes.

Most importantly, perfumers were always looking for the ideal container that would retain the scent of their blends. They have experimented with different materials in their attempts and have made a lot of progress. The perfume bottles we use nowadays surely have a story to tell us about how they were formed.

Crystal Perfume Bottle

Crystal Perfume Bottle 

The first glass bottle

While the Egyptians deserve credit for their ancient craftsmanship, humans would later find better materials to make their bottles. Perfume eventually found its most suitable container in the form of dissolved sand: glass. The title of glass-making pioneer is still disputed by many nations today. However, whoever cracked the code to create this material has done mankind a great favor. Glass is unparalleled for its amazing combination of transparency, hardness, and adsorption properties.

Of course, the earliest glass containers were far removed from what we know today. They were opaque and filled with undissolved sand particles and air bubbles. Manufacturers would later find effective ways to improve the quality of the glass. Probably the greatest advancement in perfume bottle manufacturing came from the Syrians. Around 50 B.C., the Syrians began developing techniques that would eventually become the basis for what is now a huge glass blowing industry. Although glass was already a known material at that time, the Syrians paved the way for turning glass into a practical and stylish container.

Many advances were made as the practice of glass-blowing evolved. Later, manufacturers discovered how to improve aesthetic qualities by adding other valuable elements, such as silver, gold, and cobalt. Methods were also developed to increase the strength and reduce the brittleness of glass.

In the 4th century, Venice became the center of glass production. The manufacturing prowess of the region was invaluable to the manufacturers of the time. It is said that glassworkers were actually imprisoned on the island to keep their secrets from the rest of the world. The high reputation of Venetian glass and glass containers is still widely recognized today.

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