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What are the Most Suitable Scented Candles When Isolated at Home?

May. 26, 2020

As a Decorative Glass Bottles Wholesale, share with you. 24/7 at home during COVID-19 isolation means doing a lot of nesting and emitting a common smell of family and roommates. Burning aromatherapy candles and strategically placing room diffusers can greatly help define space (and save reason). Here's a selection of perfume we' re currently calling each room, corner, or crevice for you.

Private Design Scented Candle

Private Design Scented Candle

Welcome to the essential grocery store and bring home a fresh bouquet of lilacs, hyacinths and lychees.

Living room

If you can't go out, then take the spring to the room! Place this diffuser near the window and paste on mint, lemon, lavender and rosemary - it smells like sunshine.


When you are trapped in a small space, visual escape is as important as aromatic. So sit down, soak in the bathtub, gaze at the dreamy beach printed candles, smelling of sea breeze, lilies and summer orchids.


Candle Making Kits can evoke places where you grow up and dream of your hometown, such as this Texas-themed feel that exudes pine, lemon and leather flavors.

You are making every meal at home in the kitchen. It's time to taste the aromas of strawberries, bananas and peaches and create some healthy cravings.


Even if your "office" is at the far end of the sofa, you can use a strange diffuser that smells like rubber and notebooks to reduce your workload.


Whether the mother continues to help the children, or you've converted a few square inches of floor into a "second bedroom" to hide, putting a proper candle in the guest room is essential to keeping things calm and peaceful. The opaque glass jar turned into a vase.

Hang up one of these hand-made, plant-scented wax panes and your closet will smell freshly chopped cedar instead of smelly sneakers.

Just because a room is dark doesn't mean it must be damp. Take a shower with the scent of spring, including cloves, musk, bergamot and oak moss, and refresh your space.

Outdoor space

If you're lucky enough to have a balcony or terrace, or just want to open windows, these citronella sticks are essential for keeping mosquitoes away from the bay.


To be frank, your car may be the only place to escape today. Enhance stereo effect, let Italian bergamot warm, spicy aroma, sweet verbena and fresh fragrant grass to take you away.

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