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How Can Scented Candles be Used for Skin Care?

Sep. 15, 2020

As a Silver Hot Stamping Candle Glass Jar Manufacturer, share with you.

Introduction to the skin care effects of scented candles:


Scented candle


Many people start to like lighting a scented candle at home, which can not only cultivate sentiment, add atmosphere, but also fill the room with a light fragrance. In addition, scented candles can also play a role in beauty and skin care. The specific methods of use are as follows.

Wooden Lid Scented Candles

Wooden Lid Scented Candles

Method/Step 2

First of all, choose a scented candle with guaranteed quality, natural ingredients, and no harmful chemical ingredients. It is best to choose a brand with a better brand instead of buying Sanwu products.

Method/Step 3

Second, try to choose a sober and elegant fragrance as far as possible. If it is too strong, long-term use will cause dizziness. It is recommended to use light floral fragrances such as lavender and rose, or fresh fruit fragrances such as peach and citrus.

Method/Step 4

Third, you should not use scented candles for too long each time. You can light the candles before bathing, and after burning for 15 minutes, use the candle cover to extinguish the candles. Let the room maintain a seemingly non-existent fragrance.

Method/Step 5

Fourth, the scent of scented candles helps sleep. A good sleep can help our skin accelerate metabolism and delay aging, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and skin care. Be careful not to buy candles with artificial fragrances.

Method/Step 6

Finally, you can choose a low-temperature skin care candle with natural organic ingredients, light the candle, wait for the candle to melt, cool it down for 5 minutes, and rub it on the body with the melted candle oil to moisturize and soothe it.

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