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How can I use Scented Candle to its Extreme?

Aug. 04, 2020

As a Silver Hot Stamping Candle Glass Jar Supplier, share it with you. The annual hibernation season is approaching. No matter what causes you to retract into your warm nest-the recent snow showers, the diving-like cooling, the early nightfall, or the depressing news headlines-there is almost nothing like warmth Like the candlelight, soothe your body and mind that is suffering from winter depression.

Scented Candle

Scented Candle

According to different specifications, the use time of a single Scented Candle ranges from ten hours to dozens of hours.

However, whether you are craving for the alluring fragrance from the fire or admiring the soft and sleepy fragrance of fresh violets, to light a scented candle, you need to do more than just draw a match—— This is a set of precision art about supplies, time and methods.

There are many details to pay attention to in the use of scented candles: if you are not too concerned about maintaining the candle, you may cause the candle wick to tilt to one side and burn the glass instead of the wax; poor smell discrimination is more likely to ruin your Dinner party; if the burning time is too short, uneven heating of the candle will create a small pit in the center-you certainly don't want to see these things.

This is not an scented candle, but the pits caused by the misoperation on the scented candle look similar to it.

From the importance of putting the lid on to how to choose the most suitable fragrance for each room in the home, here we share with you the simple guidelines for using scented candles.

1. Fix first, then click

The wick length is a very subtle variable, too long or too short will quickly consume the life of your candle. Especially for large candles, their wax pool surface is larger and the range of deviation of the candle wick is wider. At this time, proper trimming of the candle wick will ensure that the candle burns more straight down.

Candle wick scissors

Every time you use a scented candle, you should trim the wick before lighting it. The most common saying is that the wick should be trimmed to about 6 mm, but based on my experience, a length of about 8 mm is more appropriate. If the wick is too short, it will be overwhelmed by melted tears, causing the candle to go out.

You can use a special candle wick to cut, but in fact, the small scissors in the drawer is just fine.

2. Consider the environment when choosing

When you are new to a beautiful candle, it is often difficult to suppress the urge to light it up immediately. But occasionally a little restraint is needed. For example, scented candles should not be lit on the dining table—unless you are planning to immerse the entire meal in that scent, otherwise it is inappropriate to do so during the meal. Candlelight dinners are wonderful, but you must only use odorless pillar candles or small round tea candles.

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