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How to Use Reed Diffuser Correctly?

Oct. 19, 2020

As a Reed Diffuser Bottle Manufacturer, share it with you.

Nowadays, aromatherapy permeates many aspects of social life. The fire-free aromatherapy we introduced today is a common incense in ordinary people's homes. The difference is that it is made of agarwood and sandalwood. Because the rattan is volatile, it can evenly distribute the fragrance to all corners of the room, which is suitable for women's beauty salons and yoga studios. Women are more subjective when choosing scents. Everyone's preferences and feelings are different. Different people will experience the same fragrance differently. Women can choose according to their scent preferences, or according to different auxiliary effects.

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser


Glass or ceramic bottle

Rattan, dried flowers, essential oils


Modern life People pay more and more attention to the quality of life and health of life, and they also have relative requirements for their own living environment. In the hot summer, high temperature distillation will leave some unpleasant smells in our bedrooms and dormitories. If used in the room Some non-flame aromatherapy can improve environmental hygiene, prevent diseases, enhance physical fitness, regulate brain function and protect the sense of smell. Everyone hopes that life is like a refreshing mountainous ancient city and the warm sunshine will fill the room with the fragrance of Daocheng.

The finished aromatherapy liquid diffuses into the air through a certain carrier (such as rattan, grass flower, cotton rope, etc.). Perfuse the air with fragrance to improve the air.

1. Take out the aromatherapy ingredients and accessories, and square the aromatherapy on the desktop.

2. Open the lid of the volatile essential oil, and carefully pour the essential oil into the prepared aromatherapy container. It should not be too full, and it should be 70% full. So as not to spill the essential oil after putting the dried rattan flowers.

3. Insert the rattan or stalk flower into the volatilization container. Put your look. Make it more beautiful. (It is best to put the dried flower rattan in the circulating air and breathe fully for 2 hours)

4. It can be placed in a cool place on any plane according to personal preference. After the operation is completed, the dried flower rattan will naturally emit a fragrance.

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