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How to Store Jar Candles?

Jan. 04, 2023

Candles are an investment and they should be treated as such. It is therefore important to know how to store luxury candles properly when they are not in use. Whether they are pillar candles, tapered candles, jar candles, votive candles or any other kind of candle, precautions must be taken to ensure their longevity. Whether you are moving house, changing candles for the season or just collecting something that may be unnecessary to your collection and now need to get serious about how you store your candles, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure that your candles last the longest.


First and foremost, safety is always paramount to the full enjoyment of your candles. When storing a beautiful wax product, the area where it is stored should be safely away from any type of potentially flammable items and away from young children; anything left in easy reach will look like food or a toy. When storing candles, make sure your children know not to touch your candles, or remember to store your luxury candles in a hidden area.

Scented Candle

 Scented Candle

Although safe, another tip to remember when storing candles is to keep them out of direct sunlight. As you may have guessed, the light cast through a window can easily heat up the room and raise the temperature, which will eventually have the same effect on your candles and light them up at an unwanted time. It is therefore best to avoid direct sunlight, which may inadvertently start to melt your candle wax and emit your favourite scent at times other than your designated "me time". In addition to this, the sun's rays are extremely harsh and can easily bleach through coloured containers or coloured wax from luxury candles.


Now that we've identified where you probably shouldn't store your candles, here's a tip on the best environment to store your luxury candles. The key to pristine and elegant long-lasting candles is a cool and dry area. Temperature is extremely important to the longevity of your candles. Keeping an area at or below room temperature and free from humidity allows the hardened wax to remain intact and unaffected by the surrounding environment. Fluctuating temperatures, both hot and cold, can have a negative impact on your candles as wax melts at high temperatures and hardens and breaks at cold temperatures. Places such as basement storage are the perfect environment to ensure the longevity of your luxury scented candles.


Now that the perfect place has been identified, the pertinent question is whether you should keep your candles in containers, or better still, which candle containers? Certain candle containers can help keep the temperature of the candle consistent and maintain the scent of the luxury item. Metal containers and tin cans are perfect for easy and convenient storage.

Luxury Rose Gold Glass Jar With Arc Bottom

 Luxury Rose Gold Glass Jar With Arc Bottom     

The tin helps to ensure that your luxury candles give off their scent without unnecessarily evaporating into the air. In addition, your elegant candles are protected from dust and other items that may accumulate during long-term storage. Tin tins, cardboard boxes, egg carton candles for tapers and pillars, or any other box you would throw away, are good places to store your candles if you don't have one to put them in.


If the scented candles do not come in their own containers (such as tapers or pillar candles), it is also a good idea to use thin paper and wrap each scented candle individually; the thin paper will prevent the wax from sticking together over time.


In general, candles such as votive candles or jars are easier to store as no extra precautions are needed, but even so, there are always other options.


As a final tip, when storing candles, always ensure that you place them correctly in the odd situation where they happen to melt after following all the tips we have given you here. If you place the candles upright, they will melt downwards in the right direction and you will probably still be able to save the rest of them.


Candle Glass Jar 

Candle Glass Jar   

On the other hand, if you put the candle in a jar and it is already in a glass candle container, placing the candle and jar upright will 100% ensure that when you pull out your favourite candle a little "me time" when you come down in a few months, you won't have to skip a beat and will instantly be able to strike a match and light your gorgeous luxury candle.


More than just a simple home decor or last-minute gift idea, candles are a luxury that can elevate a dark and dreary corner of your home into a beautiful and welcoming retreat; they are scented keepsakes that bring back many memories with each light.

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