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How Should I Store My Perfumes?

May. 27, 2021

One of the most common questions about perfumes is "How long have they expired?" and "How should I store my perfumes?". To ensure that you get the best shelf life from your precious perfumes, the perfume bottle supplier is happy to answer these questions!

How long has the perfume expired?

First, regarding shelf life, your perfume will not start to diminish until it has been sprayed at least once. It is the introduction of oxygen into the perfume solution that promotes the gradual degradation of the scent (ie: when the splash bottle is opened, or when the atomizer is first drawn).

Many modern perfumes have a small icon on the perfume bottle or box indicating the "main" use date, which can be calculated from the time of first use.  This symbol will appear as a small line drawing of a circular container with a lift-off lid. The number that appears on the side of the container, for example, 24 M, indicates that the product should be used within 24 months. However, careful consideration of how the fragrance is stored can be beneficial in extending the life of the perfume by many years.

Perfume Bottles

Perfume Bottle

How should I store my perfumes?


For best results, your perfume should be stored upright and kept in its original box. Prolonged exposure to light will definitely cause your perfumes to deteriorate. You can choose to keep them in their boxes or in a dark cupboard or drawer. Just as your perfume bottles look beautiful on a dresser or windowsill, light in all forms (especially direct sunlight) is public enemy number one!

Temperature fluctuations

Take those perfumes out of the bathroom and the extreme fluctuations in temperature can quickly ruin your scent, so a perfume bottle on the bathroom counter or in the bathroom cabinet may deteriorate faster than one stored in another space.

Imagine every time you or your family take a shower or hot bath, the temperature and humidity in your bathroom rises and falls dramatically within minutes. This fluctuation can destroy the molecular integrity of the perfume and quickly turn sour.

Be careful to avoid storing scents in other places where the heat changes dramatically; another prime example is your car. Some perfumes are more durable than others, so there is no absolute guarantee when it comes to storing scents. Having said that, if you follow these two simple rules, you may enjoy them for many, many years to come.

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