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How to Choose Non-Flame Essential Oils?

Mar. 25, 2021

As a Reed Diffuser Manufacturer, share with you.

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

1. Open and smell the scent

When you get a non-flame scent, you need to open it and smell it. In addition to checking for scent, you also need to smell for other peculiar smells. A good fire-free fragrance will have a very pure scent, without other miscellaneous flavors.

2. Observe the texture of the liquid

Then it is necessary to check the texture of the solution, which can also distinguish good from bad. A good fire-free aromatherapy is very pure, without impurities, and the solution will not be stratified. You can also take a little out and apply it on the test paper for observation.

3. Understand the raw material of rattan

Then the indispensable part of a non-fire fragrance is the rattan. Some are simple incense sticks, and some have flowers and other shapes on them, which can help spread the fragrance. The quality of the rattan can be distinguished by distinguishing the raw material, and the rattan directly affects the presentation of the fragrance.

4. Insert the rattan and smell the fragrance

If you want to tell if a fire-free fragrance is good, you can also smell it carefully after two or three hours after inserting the cane into the solution. A good fire-free fragrance will show the scent of the solution itself, and there will be no rattan or other peculiar smells.

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