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How Can I Become a Master of Scented Candle?

Aug. 17, 2022

Students who don’t know much about aromatherapy candles often say how to use aromatherapy candles. This is very particular, don't take too much trouble, these are very interesting and very style. Come on, learn more with Scented Candle Wholesale!

No.1 The first burning is the point!

When you first use the Scented Candle in your hand, it is recommended to burn it for 1 to 2 hours. If you can’t use it for such a long time, you must wait at least until the surface of the candle completely melts, and then extinguish it! Professional scented candle designers know that candles have memory for burning. From the first time, the candle will be remembered in its body. If it is not burned for a few minutes or the surface is completely melted when it is burned for the first time, It will go out, there will be a 50% chance that the next burning will be insufficient, and over time, the burning area will gradually shrink, so that it cannot burn to the entire candle surface.

Glass Candle

Glass Candle

No.2. The trimming of the wick is also a knowledge point

During the sales process, we always remind customers to trim the wick as much as possible before lighting the candle, as long as it is not too long and can be exposed to wax in a short time. Because the candle wick is too long, the flame will be large, producing an unpleasant smell, and even black smoke. At the same time, the burning of the candle will be accelerated, and timely trimming can keep the candle in a good burning state.

No.3 candle tool is a little helper for you

Candlewick scissors: very practical scented candle tools, especially on the cup wax, it is very convenient when it is ignited. Only those who have personal experience can know its wonderful use.

Candle-extinguishing photo: It is also a practical tool, which not only has the value of artistic decoration, but also the practicality in the use of scented candles. Of course, it can also be replaced with a bamboo stick, as long as the bamboo wick is placed in the wax pool Here, it is enough, but you must pick out the candle wick in time, otherwise, you will be embarrassed next time.

Igniter: It is also a useful item. Now with electronics, it is even safer. Similarly, if there is a special scented candle match, it will be more ritual. Remember 10cm!

 Scented Candle

  Scented Candle

No.4 Minor actions after the candle are extinguished

Those who often use scented candles should find that if the wick is bent to one side, the candle on one side will burn faster, while the candle on the other side is getting more and more cold by the flame, and eventually the candle will only burn on one side.

Therefore, in addition to trimming the wick in time, we must straighten the wick while the candle is not completely melted to ensure that it is in the center of the wax pool. This will make the scented candle stand in front of you again and again!

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