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Differences between a Reed Diffuser and an Aroma Diffuser

Jul. 08, 2021

Reed diffusers are a great way to add all-day scents to your home because they don't require an electrical outlet or the use of an open flame. Below, we'll explain how to use a reed diffuser, provide tips on finding the best location for a reed diffuser, and explain the difference between a reed diffuser and an aroma diffuser.

 Reed Diffuser

 Reed Diffuser

How to use the reed diffuser?

Remove the stopper from the jar. If the oil is in a separate jar, also open the lid and pour a few ounces of oil into the diffuser. Recap the oil and store it in a cool, dry place. This will retain the aroma of the oil for as long as possible.

Place the canes in the jar, arranging them delicately. Flip them over whenever you want a burst of fragrance. Do this over a trash can or sink to catch any oil droplets. Keep in mind that flipping the reeds more frequently will cause the oil to evaporate more quickly.

Keep the diffuser out of reach of pets, children, and any objects that could cause it to spill. If you are concerned about damaging the surface, place a placemat or coaster underneath it to catch any drips of oil.

Once you notice the oil has evaporated, clean the jar with soap and water and let it dry (otherwise the water will repel the oil!). Then fill and store the jar again with a few ounces of oil. You will get a better aroma if you start using fresh oil instead of adding to the old oil.

Change the reeds every time you change the oil. Over time, the reeds will become dusty and clogged with oil, and changing them regularly will ensure that you have the strongest scent possible.

If you are going on a trip or will be away from the house for a while, flip the reeds before you leave and flip them again when you return to a fresh home.


What is the difference between a reed diffuser and an aroma diffuser?

Both reed and fragrance diffusers circulate fragrance oils through the air without heat. However, the mechanism they use to accomplish this is a little different. Small channels in the cane of a reed diffuser absorb the oils, allowing them to move up the cane and be released into the room. In an aroma diffuser, a little oil is added to a pad or water and then exposed to the air.

The main difference between a reed and an aromatherapy diffuser is that an aromatherapy diffuser needs to be connected to an electrical outlet, while an aromatherapy diffuser does not. Aromatherapy diffusers use electricity to release scented vapors into the air, spreading the fragrance throughout the room. Therefore, a reed diffuser is a good choice if you want to add fragrance to an area that does not have an electrical outlet.

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