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What is the Difference Between Various Types of Aromatherapy Fragrances?

Jul. 13, 2020

To talk about the difference between fragrances, we must first know which fragrances are available, and how these fragrances work or how to use them. If you understand these, then the difference will be clear at a glance. As a Reed Diffuser Wholesale, share with you.

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

The color pleases the eyes, the music pleases the ears, the taste pleases the tongue, and the fragrance pleases the nose.

The smell linked to the human senses is invisible and intangible. It has a very strong divine color when science was not developed thousands of years ago. Burning vanilla is regarded as a medium for communication with the deities. Since its development, aromatherapy has become a people The necessities of quality life, whether it is home, hotel, airport. Everywhere you smell the aroma, the most used ones are scented candles, rattan aromatherapy, aromatherapy machine, etc. What are the characteristics of these types of aromatherapy? What is the difference?

1.Scented Candle:

Aromatherapy candles are a milestone invention for candles. In the modern era when candle lighting is no longer needed, candles are given a reason to continue to shine and are loved by millions of people.

Overview: The scented candle is formed by adding the prepared essence to the hot wax. After cooling, the scented candle is formed, which can be used directly after being lit, so that the indoor fragrance is overflowing, and it can increase the fun and create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Rattan aromatherapy:

People in the rattan aromatherapy industry will habitually call them fire-free aromatherapy, which is the gospel of lazy people.

Overview: The rattan aromatherapy inserts the rattan with good volatility characteristics into the aromatherapy bottle containing the fragrance liquid, and allows it to freely and continuously evaporate the fragrance. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, etc., and its face value is quite high. Can be used as an ornament.

3. Aromatherapy machine:

The aromatherapy machine needs to be equipped with a power supply. Compared with traditional aromatherapy, this aromatherapy method may be more focused on humidification, purification and other functions.

Overview: Aromatherapy machine causes atomizing head resonance through ultrasonic oscillator, decomposes liquid mixed with essential oil into nano-scale cold mist and distributes it in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification, aromatherapy and purification.

Various types of aromatherapy mainly differ greatly in usage. I like simple and convenient. It is recommended to use aromatherapy candles and rattan aromatherapy. It will save you the trouble of adding and buying supporting products. You need more additional functions, such as humidification, and you can choose an aromatherapy machine. Different groups of people can choose their own aromatherapy method according to their own living habits.

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