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How to Better Use Scented Candle?

Mar. 28, 2020

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As a delicate woman, the requirements for the details of life are very high. Imagine putting on pajamas after bathing and lying comfortably on the bed. At this time, do you feel there is something missing in the bedroom?

Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

Girls who are pursuing quality of life will put a few Scented Candles in the room to add the aroma of the room and also keep people in a good mood. There are still some secrets to the use of scented candles. In order to avoid small flaws caused by inadequate use, hurry up and Xiaobian to see if you missed something when using scented candles?

Because good scented candles are more expensive, many people may be reluctant to extinguish them every time after a short burning, but this is not good. The first time must be burned for 3-4 hours. After that, each burn must be maintained for more than 2 hours. In order to burn the surface of the candle evenly, it will not only melt the part close to the wick, leading to the edge of the bottle. Even the wax can't be burned, which causes the memory circle to become even more wasteful.

How to save

When not lighting the candle, remember to close the lid or put it in the box. Firstly, it can isolate dust, and secondly, even when the candle is still, the aroma will evaporate with time and temperature and humidity in the air. If the surface is dusty, you can wipe it with a wet paper towel with water. Some brands will be equipped with a lid. If not, remember to buy one. If you don't think it takes up a lot of space, a candle cover is also a good choice.

Wick length

With the use of candles, the wax on the surface will be less and less. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the wick. If the wick is too long, it will produce black smoke, and it will cause the burning speed to be too fast. Effect, there will be some waste! If the wick is too short, it may not be lit, or there may be insufficient burning. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the wick at a length of 0.4-0.5cm when trimming.

use tools

Common candle extinguishing tools are candle extinguishing bell and candle extinguishing hook. The method of extinguishing the candle is to press the candle wick into the candle pool to extinguish it so that the charcoal tip at the top of the candle wick can easily fall into the wax pool. In contrast, candlelighting is the more recommended option. Remember not to blow it out with your mouth! It will produce black smoke and odor, which will destroy the former beauty. The friends who have watched "Downton Manor" do not know if they have noticed that the candle is extinguished in the play. You can use a long match or a lighter to light the candle. Common matches and lighters are not recommended.

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