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11oz Empty Matt Black Round Bottom Candle Glass Jars

Diameter10.2cm / 4inch
Height10.2cm / 4inch
Overflow Water Fill520ml / 18.34oz
Volume (wax)320gm / 11oz
ColorMatt Black
Logo Printing/ LabelAvailable
Product Code22-102102R-MB

Packaging and Shipping

The matt black candle jars are stunning in rich, high quality color, the candles burn beautifully and create a sophisticated and perfect ambience for any room, restaurant or hotel. In addition to this, the 11oz candle jar can also be used as a storage container for small items in the bathroom or living room.

Features of matt black candle jars:   

1. Customized size, color and label

2. Holds 11 oz wax comfortably

3. Black and white are available with matte finish

4. Glass candle jars have thick walls which help reduce outside temperature

5. Match with our Candle Lids and Scented Candles for the perfect look

6. OEM/ODM manufacturing with free sampling

As one of the leading candle jar suppliers, Boye provides high quality candle jars in wholesale quantities and in any option or style you choose. Whether you are a candle lover or a professional candle maker, you can buy glass candle jars here. Most of our candle containers are available with or without a lid. Our wide range of glass candle containers are in various sizes, shapes and colors. The external parts of glass jars are available in clear, frosted, matte and amber colors or custom according to your special needs.

1. MOQ & Delivery time

Clear25 days30 days35 days
Custom Coloring30 days35 days40 days
Private Logo Printing35 days40 days45 days

2. Packing Details & Shipping way

1)  All jars will be packed in a poly bag, and then packed in double layer cartons. The cartons will be packed on pallets.

2) 24pcs/ctn

3) Measurement: 41x31x21cm

4) GW: 19kg

3. Knowing with your detailed address, we will check the shipping cost and leading time for you.

OEM&ODM Service

We accept OEM and small quantity orders. 

Available surface handling:

Frosted, Inside Painting, Outside Painting, Electroplating, Logo Printing, Logo Hot Stamping, Decal, Laser and so on.

Customization Process is as below:

1) Confirm what size of jar you need.

2) Confirm the color of jar. It requires Pantone code or sample for specific colors.

3) Confirm the printing. We will need the printing artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

4) Free Sampling.

5) Mass production, with the sample confirmed.

11oz Empty Matt Black Round Bottom Candle Glass Jars

Hot Sale Sizes for your reference.

     Jar Size   Clear Jar Frosted Matt Black Glossy Black Matt WhiteGlossy White

D5.3cm; H6.2cm/

Holds 2.47oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓           ✓

D6.0cm; H7.4cm/ 

Holds 4.23oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓           ✓

D7.0cm; H8.4cm/

Holds 5.82oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓           ✓

D7.9cm; H9.3cm/

Holds 7oz wax.

       ✓     ✓        ✓         ✓        ✓           ✓

D8.0cm; H9.0cm/

Holds 8oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓           ✓

D8.0cm; H10.5cm/

Holds 9oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓           ✓

D8.8cm; H10cm/

Holds 10oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓          ✓

D10cm; H10cm/

Holds 12.69oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓          ✓

D10cm; H12.5cm/

Holds 17oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓          ✓

D11.0cm; H8.0cm/

Holds 12oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓          ✓

D13.0cm; H8.0cm/

Holds 13oz wax.

       ✓     ✓       ✓         ✓        ✓          ✓

Popular Surface Handling for your reference.

Surface Handling
Costomized Service
Color PaintingAvailable
Silk PrintingAvailable
Hot Stamping


Please test your wick

1. Use the appropriate size wick. Make sure your wick is in the center of the jar.

2. Use high quality candle wick stickers made of high heat resistance to ensure your wick will not move while burning the candle.

Follow safety measures

- When the candle has a hot wax pool, keep the candle dry and away from water. When water comes into contact with wax that has melted at high temperatures, a reaction occurs, causing uncontrolled splattering of candle wax.

- Don't let the candle burn for a long time. Keep an eye on lit candles and place them in a room where they won't come in contact with flammable items. 

- It is not recommended to burn candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time. It is very important to trim the wick to 1/4-1/3 inch.

Our Service
7 days refund money
Compensate for breakage
Money refunding for bad quality
2% discount for each week delay
Accept small orderYes
Support costomized designYes
Sampling is free
Support HD photosYes
24H/7D before and after sales serviceYes

If you got any opinion about our products or service, please feel free to contact us.

We believe your advice will make us advanced.